Fabric Duct

Cleaning Fabric Duct (DuctSox, Qsox, FabricAir, KE-Fibertech) We can do it!

DUCTZ has the knowledge and experience to properly clean your fabric duct systems such as DuctSox, Qsox, FabricAir, and KE-Fibertech.

We will come to your facility, take down the duct and clean it to the manufacturer's specifications, and properly re-install your fabric duct system. But, just as important, we will clean the Air handler, and any metal ductwork that the fabric duct is connected to. It makes little sense to clean the fabric duct, without cleaning the ducts and air handler where it is connected.

Quality of Work: We are dedicated to making every facility a cleaner and healthier place to be. Our DUCTZ professionals have a thorough knowledge of air duct cleaning, and indoor air quality. Thoroughly trained and certified, our DUCTZ professionals will help you maintain your system to peak operating efficiency. Call DUCTZ at 410-692-9775.

DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region
KE Fibertech (tm) Applications
DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region
DuctSox (tm) Applications
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